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Jake awoke. He was lying on a bench and could feel a slight breeze. He pulled himself up, registering the mass of noise coming from his surroundings, people talking, transport machines making their unique brand of buzzing and whirring, the sub park bird colonies screeched for whatever reason...
He opened his eyes again, registering the dimming light of a fake sunset as the subpark`s sorry attempt at a sun approached the dome`s edge.
This was one of the older attempts at recreating an earthlike atmosphere. One of those places built when there were still more nostalgic earth expats on here than real plutonian sub-born. Why else would you create a dome that tries to recreate Central Park in New York? A place no-one had seen for 200 years. More importantly, a place no-one on this ETDP would ever see the like of again, beyond these pale copies where all the half senile regressionalists come.
Why was he here? He couldn`t really remember. Programming his neural protection network to s
:icontotally-dead:Totally-dead 1 5
The Stolen Planet.
Totally-dead sat on a 7000 year old rock wall and smiled at his sister. He felt the temperature go up considerably. His smile widened.
"It seems your Titans have been convinced into entering this game. Though I do not know what they think they are doing, as if a little temperature or... Ah food loss, will cause us any problems."
Annie looked at him coolly, poker faced. "I cannot change back to human now."
"And? In this game we need to be who we really are. And I want to wake up our parents. It is time we got the full inheritance."
Annie shivered. "No! I am not going to allow you to create a war with the other Titans because you decided to get properly involved! We have perfectly free lives, and we do not need more power!"
Totally-dead merely smiled and stood.
"You do realise what Jerry is capable of if you do this, don`t you? His Father is the Titan of Time! He is the Titan of Justice!"
"And? What can an idiot who controls a tiny amount of time on some small time world do against us, t
:icontotally-dead:Totally-dead 1 11
The Old Newcomer
Totally-dead was sat waiting. He had felt his target arrive 30km to the north, and he was bored with his latest toy. Cat was now just a giant lump in the landscape that held no attraction for him whatsoever. He wanted rid of him, and he wanted this little "god" to be back on his feet, if his long term plans were to work. He needed them ALL back to their normal selves.
He felt his target get close enough. He stood up and waited patiently. His target arrived behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. Totally-dead slowed himself to a normal speed in turning around. Jerry hit him. While he allowed it to connect, as slow as it seemed to him in this form, Totally-dead was shocked at Jerry in this. He had thought that the guy would ask.
But in the end, it worked into his plans. It was even MORE incredible this way.
Once he was safely sure Jerry was completely out of his awareness zone, Totally-dead sat up and sighed. In that moment, the first true surprise of the day arrived. He recieved a me
:icontotally-dead:Totally-dead 4 33
Blue Revelations
Totally-dead was rather shocked by recent events. He understood fundementally that Insanity had been some form of "extra" power and that there were others like her, but he had never imagined her becoming a giant white dragon thing after a little bondage. And apparently he was surrounded by these half god creatures. When he saw King go off the handle he was rather... unimpressed after the previous viewing of Insanity, it had to be said. Now, they intimidated him less. A lot less. His worst fear was one he dealt with every day.
But, as they had explained, these "forms" were... incapacitating mentally. Essentially, they were giant animals with incredible powers, but without the control of the mind behind them. So, in other words, Insanity was now asleep in a Giant flying monster busy melting the Northern Ice Cap, and would not remember anything of her time as a giant Dragon.
Despite his companions immediate assumption that he WANTED Insanity back from her trip and normal again, there was
:icontotally-dead:Totally-dead 3 23
Mature content
Midnight Blue :icontotally-dead:Totally-dead 0 77
The Tinkerbell Trap.
Totally-dead got out of his van. It was 4 AM on a sunday evening and his weekend trip to LA had proved incredibly fruitful. From his 54 night visits he had 76 caged mexican rat dogs in the back, and in acquiring them he had met 6 new boyfriends of his usual pet owning victims, 3 already known boyfriends(some people just don't learn from a sore arse), and 18 new bodyguards who hadn't learned the score yet.
His 55th, final and most important visit stood before him. The LA home of a woman who was quite famous for a number of things that made her an ideal victim for Totally-dead.
1. Her stubborn stupidity, which far surpassed that of even his usual victims. Most blond airheads realised that maybe they should stop buying chihuahuas after around the 15th time his weekend pet-kidnapping sprees brought him to their homes. Not this one.
2. Her stubborn belief that quantity is always better. As a result she now owned 1500 chihuahuas across 5 farms, which supplied her with a new Tinkerbell every
:icontotally-dead:Totally-dead 3 44
The World and Hope
I watch the world,
Je regarde le monde,
I see her look back,
Je la vois me regarder en retour,
She is known by many names,
Elle est connu par beaucoup de noms,
Mother Earth, Life, Even god,
La mére terre, Vie, même dieu,
She created us,
Elle nous a créé,
Now she just watches,
Maintenant Elle regarde juste,
Moves events at her will...
Bouge les événements à son volonté...
She has no desires,
Elle n'a pas de désires,
Beyond to exist,
Plus qu'existé,
Each part of her wishes for that,
Chaque partie d'elle veut ca,
But not necessarily together,
Mais pas forcément ensemble,
Sometimes she cuts one part of her,
Parfois elle détruit une partie d'elle,
And or creates another,
Et ou crée un autre,
Sometimes creating one destroys another...
Des fois créer une détruit une autre...
She is influenced by a world with truely no desires,
Elle est influencée par une monde vraiment sans désires,
A world totally chaotic,
:icontotally-dead:Totally-dead 4 14
Mature content
The Lie. :icontotally-dead:Totally-dead 1 38
Rain, Wind and Sun
I've seen many,
J'ai vue beaucoup,
All different,
Toutes différentes,
Most too different,
La plupart trop différentes,
Some I hate,
Je déteste quelques,
Some went too far,
Quelques ont allé trop loin,
Some too hypocritical,
Quelques trop des hypocrites,
But some I liked truely...
Mais quelques je les ai vraiment aimé...
One didn't truely understand me,
Une ne m'avait pas vraiment compris,
I didn't truely understand her,
Je ne l'avais pas vraiment compris,
We saw a time,
On a vu un temps,
A time I never want to see again,
Un temps que j'aimerais jamais revoir,
It caused a hate I'll never really forget,
Il m'a causé un haine que je n'oublirais jamais,
Created scars that never should have been,
Créé les cicatrices qui n'a jamais dû être,
That I regret...
Que je regrette...
You and I went a way forward,
Toi et moi on a allé un pas ou deux,
I could say that in a way I saw why,
Je pourrais dire que d'une facon j'ai vu pourquoi,
I could a
:icontotally-dead:Totally-dead 1 5
Dream's end
I dream of possibilties,
Je rêve des possibilités,
Of a hand holding mine,
D'une main qui tient la mienne,
I have fallen,
J'ai tombé,
The hand has caught me,
La main m'a attrapé,
She looks into my eyes,
Elle me regarde dans les yeux,
She sees, She doesn't understand,
Elle voit, Elle ne comprend pas,
She tries to pull me up...
Elle essaie de me remontée...
I won't let her,
Je ne la laisse pas,
She looks again,
Elle regarde encore,
She sees,
Elle voit,
She begins to understand,
Elle commence à comprendre,
She doesn't want to,
Elle ne veut pas,
She realises why I fell,
Elle réalise pourquoi j'ai tombé,
What I did...
Ce que j'ai fais...
She understands,
Elle comprend,
She knows of the jump,
Elle connais le saut,
She sees but not why,
Elle voit mais pas pourquoi,
The question is asked,
La question est demandée,
The answer isn't given,
La réponse n'est pas donné,
She truely understands,
Elle comprend vraiment,
She lets go...
Elle lâ
:icontotally-dead:Totally-dead 1 13
Childhood Heaven
A child is sitting on a swing,
Un enfant est assise sur une balançoire,
Hung from an oak tree,
Pendu d'un chêne,
In a meadow,
Dans un pré,
A meadow without limits,
Un pré sans limites,
Grass as tall as her,
L'herbe aussi haute qu'elle,
Flowers marked as far as the eye can see,
Les fleurs marqué aussi loins que l'oeil peux voir,
A sunrise lights the slowly rising mist...
Un lever de soleil éclair la brume qui monte lentement...
She looks out to the view,
Elle regarde la vue,
The neverending meadow,
Le pré sans fin,
The shadow of it's hills,
L'ombre de ses collines,
Against the rising red mist,
Contre la brume rouge montant,
A crimson sky brightened by a yellow sun,
Un ciel cramoisi éclairé par un soleil jaune,
She laughs at the pure pleasure,
Elle rit de la pure plaisir,
Delighted by the purety of such an image...
Enchanté par la pureté d'un tel image...
Birds wake in the branches,
Les oiseaux se réveil dans les branches,
:icontotally-dead:Totally-dead 0 4
A man writes,
Un homme écrit,
He writes a story,
Il écrit un histoire,
The story is his creation,
l'histoire est son création,
His own world,
Son propre monde,
He is God,
Il est Dieu,
The Writer writes,
L'Ecrivain écrit,
The God creates...
Le Dieu crée...
The God creates,
Le Dieu crée,
A history of a planet,
Un histoire d'un planéte,
We focus on a girl,
Nous concentrons sur une filles,
She is god's prophet,
Elle la prophéte de dieu,
She forms a future,
Elle forme une avenir,
An ending of a world,
Un fin d'un monde,
This world...
Ce monde...
In this history,
Dans cette histoire,
God left instructions,
Dieu a laissé les instructions,
He left his imagination,
Il a laissé son imagination,
Let it do what it wanted,
L'a laissé faire ce qu'il voulait,
Within a strict set of rules,
Dans un ensemble stricte de régles,
Laws which he should follow,
Les lois qu'il devrait suivre,
He disobeyed his own rules...
Il a désobéi ses pr
:icontotally-dead:Totally-dead 8 89
Life, World, Universe,
La Vie, Le Monde, L'Univers,
We explore for answers,
Nous explorons pour les réponses,
To everything, Anything,
A tous, ou n'apporte quoi,
Like we want to know everything,
Comme nous voulons savoir tous,
When we just can't,
Quand on ne peux pas,
We will never know everything,
On ne saura jamais tous,
but some answers we need...
Mais on a besoin de certaines réponses...
Some think we already have them,
Certains croit qu'on les a déja,
Some believe we don't have any,
Certains croit qu'on n'en a pas,
Others know we might and we might not,
Autres sait qu'on les a peut-être et aussi peut-être pas,
And that we never can be certain,
Et qu'on peux jamais être certains,
We can only be almost sure,
On peut être que presque sûre,
This world isn't like that,
Ce monde n'est pas comme ca,
Answers aren't that easy...
Les réponses ne sont pas aussi facile...
What we know, We don't,
Ce qu'on sait, on ne sait pas,
But we can be almost s
:icontotally-dead:Totally-dead 1 12
I Don't Know...
I'm sitting on the ground,
Je suis assis par terre,
In a dark room,
Dans une salle presque noir,
The walls are all dark purple,
Les mures sont de violet sombre,
There are two doors,
Il y a deux portes,
No windows at all,
Pas de fénêtres du tout,
The only light is reflected on the floor,
La seule lumiére est reflété sur le sol,
It comes from one of the doors...
Il viens d'une des portes...
I avoid the light,
J'evite la lumiére,
I go to the other door,
Je vais à l'autre porte,
Behind it seems that there is only dark,
Derriére il me semble qu'il y a que de noir,
Black beyond black,
Noir au dessu du noir,
Oblivion, endless nothing,
L'oblivion, rien sans limites,
It scares me instinctively,
Il me fait peur instinctivement,
Though there is no suffering...
Mais on ne souffre pas...
I can't open it,
Je ne peut pas l'ouvrir,
I'm even afraid to approach,
J'ai même peur d'approché,
Even though I place my hand on it,
Mais je place ma main dessus,
:icontotally-dead:Totally-dead 2 5
I am standing in my world,
Je suis dans mon monde,
Everywhere I look things disappear,
Partout où je regarde les choses disparaît,
Things reappear,
Les choses apparaît,
Things I love at first,
Les choses que j'aime en premier,
I later learn to hate,
Et plus tard j'apprend à les détesté,
Things I hate at first,
Les choses que je déteste en premier,
And later wish I hadn't...
Et plus tard je découvre que je voulais pas...
Life tortures me,
La vie me torture,
I hate it,
Je le déteste,
When I once loved it,
Quand à une époque je l'aimais,
But even as I say that I know I don't,
Mais même quand je dis ca je sais que c'est pas vrai,
You can't hate life,
Tu peux pas détester la vie,
You can't love it,
Tu peux pas l'aimer,
Because almost everything you see is it...
Parce presque tous que tu vois est ca...
Hating life is like hating everything,
Détester la vie c'est comme détesté tous,
But everyone loves some part of
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I'm standing in the snow,
Je suis debout dans la neige,
Holding my own bleeding heart,
Je tiens mon propre coeur saignant,
Holding the knife that stabbed it,
Je tiens la couteau qui l'a poignardé,
Bleeding on the snow,
Je saigne sur la neige,
I brought my own pain,
J'ai porté mon propre douleur,
I did this to myself...
J'ai fais ca à moi même...
Why did I do this?
Pourquoi j'ai fais ca?
Why am I trying to destroy myself?
Pourquoi j'essais de me détruire?
Destroy my own happiness?
Détruire mon propre bonheur?
I'm ripping apart my life bit by bit,
Je déchire ma vie morceau par morceau,
Torturing myself to death,
Je me torture jusqu'à la mort,
Because I deserve it...
Parce que je le merite...
Running in to the ground,
Je tombe vers le sol,
I fall into the snow,
Je tombe dans la neige,
I feel the cold around me,
Je sens le froid autour de moi,
I get up again,
Je me léve encore,
I'm not even shivering,
Je ne tremble même pas,
I see people ar
:icontotally-dead:Totally-dead 0 0
Or actually, no, I am not.

All I am is a child, terrified and horrified by the idea that 12 people died because of a slightly irreverant joke. I did not die. I am not publishing to the world, with something clearly identifying me as the author, a condemnation of the reasons for this attack. I am not still working in the media somewhere to fight this kind of extremism.

I wish to underline how utterly horrifying I find the idea that some need to kill for an insult, only an insult, to their religion. Some would crow that this underlines their insecurity, others would fault their religion specifically, or as a whole, still others would give you a sermon on Anthropology, Sociology or Psychology and how it explains this situation. While I cannot disagree with some, and can wholely disagree with others, I do not really care about the reasons right now. I care about the utter incredulity this situation has risen in me.

Over a few cartoons, a general attitude of criticism and a liberty of expression on one subject, 12 people were massacred. Many probably do not see this as that different from terrorism in general, but I cannot agree.

Terrorism has frequently had a form of serious motivation: We need to draw attention to the horrors happening at home(Israeli Olympic team), We want our independance(IRA), Retribution for horrors caused by the nation attacked, etc. (Most Islamist extremist attacks on the US and other countries) This is unacceptable, but the line has been blurred when the outcome is seen as righteous. We even hail certain terrorists as heroes when I find they are barely distinguishable in some cases from examples we seem to universally condemn (WWII Revolutionaries rarely held back because of potential "collateral damage").

But here? They are unhappy about a few critical cartoons. They murdered normal people for their opinions and their courage to voice them. They killed because they were offended.

Charlie though continues to defy this. The masses have taken up the call of defiance, yes, but we are not Charlie, despite millions declaring they are. Charlie is the one risking his life by taking a figurehead position on this movement. Charlie is a Journalist in Charlie Hebdo, or any other duck still flying, despite the guns aimed at him. Charlie is any cartoonist who has signed an image viewed worldwide mocking those pointing the guns.

Charlie is the one risking his life with a pen, so that you don`t have to.
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Bill, Bilbo, Jackass, Bastard, Sick Fuck, Cruel son of a bitch and Rapist of small animals and men.
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I am a tired asshole who, to the majority of people who are reading this, is probably being antagonistic. If this is the case, then understand this to the fullest: Unless I have taken the time to try and reason with you properly then I do not give a fuck about you or your ideas beyond a good laugh. If I have already insulted you then I consider you inferior in intelligence and unlikely to fully understand the meaning of my point anyway. If I have called you kiddo, then I probably see you as highly naive/highly inexperienced/mindblowingly stupid.

Live with it, you fuckwit.

Otherwise everything is a joke.

Current Residence: Northwest France
Favourite genre of music: Certain rock/metal, mostly symphonic or similar.
Favourite photographer: Don't have one.
MP3 player of choice: An Ipod.
Wallpaper of choice: Kara no kyoukai varied. If you know what that is tell me.
Skin of choice: human. I can't see it being anything else.
Favourite cartoon character: I don't have one.
Personal Quote: "The only certainty in existence is uncertainty."


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NymphantTree Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2017  Professional Artist
I hope everyone you love slowly stop talking to you, eventually ignoring you completely, so your only friend is a razorblade (You trolled a newbie on the forums)
Totally-dead Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
You are aware that that kind of talk gets you banned, yes? You are lucky I am not the reporting type.

When did I troll a newbie on the forms in such a way that deserves... that?
NymphantTree Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2017  Professional Artist… you pathetic degenerate. That guy seemed sweet, instead of fighting the trolls (such as your worthless fat pile of rubbish) with more fighting, he actually did his best to de-escalate each situation. You are the reason people turn to trolls, I hope if you ever have kids that they get run over by their own school bus on accident right infront of your house for you to watch. You sicken me. 

(I will admit, you were not AS malicious as the others).
Totally-dead Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I see.
1. You do not seem to understand what trolling is, even if I fitted that category on some level. 
2. You are drudging up 6.5 year old threads to... single out one person on their page?
3. You barely seem to understand what I was doing in that thread (though the last comment was to hammer home one or two realities).
4. Your reaction is rather over the top.

This your first rodeo as a troll, or are you really that intellectually challenged? Christ this amount of logicless bullshit qualifies you for being potentially psychotic.
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Zagittorch Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Totally-dead Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Is there a reason a 26 year old chilean I do not recognize has put a roll bounce emiticon on my page communicating some form of message I do not understand? 

This is the definition of lacking context.
Zagittorch Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
:gwomp: REVAMP 
Totally-dead Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I see. I am never going to get context, am I? :cry:
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Koshej Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2017
I'm so touched. :D

I do agree with you about the smugness point, except I can justify it very easily:
Because we Jews don't BELIEVE that Moses spoke to God - and thus founded Judaism.
We *KNOW* it from the personal experience of 3 million actual Jews.
(And I must add that I'm yet to see so many Jews AGREEING on pretty much ANYTHING, which alone is the perfect argument FOR Judaism's authenticity. Just look at Israel.)
Other religions are still limited to BELIEVING in their founders, though.

And yes, I do use arguments for a reason (as opposed to appealing to "blind faith").
After all, Judaism is all about KNOWLEDGE in the first place, unlike those BELIEF-driven fanfictions.
Totally-dead Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
... That is ironically arrogant, but okay.
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